International Family Mediation

International family mediation assists partners settle their differences where more the family matters extend to more than one country. This is relevant especially where childern are involved.

International mediation includes cases such as:

  • Partners from different countries
  • Partners who are from the same country but live in a second country
  • Relocation or migration from one country to another
  • Taking children outside their habitual residence without consent (parental abduction)

See also: When to use a crossborder mediator?

We offer the expertise and qualification that bi-national families require, in accordance with the European cross-border mediation initiative and the model offered by MiKK - Mediation by International Conflicts involving Children.


"There are those who resented his optimism and despised it, as if an unwavering hope for peace were a mirage. He insisted that people can become better with time through contact with the pain of the other. Through the ability to tell stories and hear stories." (Prof. Fania Oz-Salzberger)