Technology Mediation

Mediation in technology disputes requires diving into the particulars of the technology, transaction and the goals and purposes of both parties.

Having ample experience dealing with complex transactions (from startups to deals in tens of millions of Euros or more, across a range of technologies from software to genetic engineering), we can assure that a mediation would directly deal with the important points and support smart solutions beneficial to both parties.

Typical cases include:

  • Technology procurement projects (Turnkeys, BPOs, etc.) which fall to claims and counterclaims over execution, delivery, liability or warranty.
  • Startup work: conflicts between co-founders, change of business models resulting in separation of owners, disputes with investors, etc.
  • Licensor-Licensee conflicts (including licenses from academia)
  • Joint development efforts (bilateral and consortia): conflicts arising over permitted uses of both parties and dividing the shared assets and background information.
  • Service invention claims (employee benefits from inventions)